Karen Eleanor Wight

"Karen's understanding of movement and physicality
adds another dimension to improvisational comedy."

-- Jill Bernard, Twin Cities Improv Festival

Teacher and Movement Coach

Movement Coaching

The Visitation, Off-Broadway Immersive Theatre Experience, Witness Immersive Productions 2017
No Proscenium Review

The Screwtape Letters, Off-Broadway & National Tour, Fellowship for Performing Arts 2008-2016

The Great Divorce, Off-Broadway & National Tour, Fellowship for Performing Arts 2014 & 2015
New York Times Review

Mark’s Gospel, Regional Tour, Fellowship for Performing Arts 2009


Magnet Theater, NYC 2011, 2012, & 2017

OKC Improv, Oklahoma City, OK 2017

Byrd Productions, Kansas City, MO 2011

Austin Hideout Theatre, Austin, TX 2004

Covert Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand 2003

K2 Productions, Wellington, New Zealand 2002

Festival Teaching Artist

Palm Beach Improv Festival, Palm Beach, FL 2016

Seattle Festival of Improv Theatre, Seattle, WA 2006, 2007, 2008, & 2015

Baltimore Improv Festival, Baltimore, MD 2010 & 2014

Red Dirt Festival, Okc, OK 2013

Philly Duo Fest, Philadelphia, PA 2010

Out of Bounds West Fest, Santa Monica, CA 2007

San Francisco Improv Festival, San Francisco, CA 2007

Austin’s Out of Bounds Fest, Austin, TX 2003, 2004, & 2006

Providence Improv Festival, Providence, RI 2006

Miami Improv Fest, Miami, FL 2005

Louisville Improv Festival, Louisville, KY 2005

Comedy Gumbo Festival, Charlottesville, VA 2005

Courageous Mongoose Festival, WKU, Bowling Green, KY 2005

Oberlin Improv Conference, Oberlin, OH 2005

Gulf Coast Comedy Festival, Seaside, FL 2004

Toronto Jamboree, Toronto, Canada 2002 & 2003

TV2 Laugh Fest, Auckland, New Zealand 2002